• Terms & Conditions 
    1. The Cycle/Cycles will be handed to you in full working condition. However if you notice any cycle not working properly or faulty, please stop using the cycle and bring back to our company and we will replace you with the available cycles of your choice
    2. Delivery and Collection charges are based on number of cycles and location in singapore
    3. You will be fully responsible for the bicycle during the rental period. 
    4. You are allowed to choose cycles of your choice
    5. No offroad use is allowed unless or otherwise it’s stated
  • Package :
    1. Cycles are coming in a package of 1, 5, 10, 20 30 & 40 no’s
    2. Rental Hours are based on 4 hrs, 6 – 12 hrs, 24 hrs, 36 & 60 hrs
    3. You are allowed to choose cycles of your choice, However due to the complexity of this cycles sometimes we may not be able to supply your requested cycle due to repair or any unforeseen circumstances, when such cases arises we will allow you to choose cycle of your choice
  • Booking Extension :
    1. To extend your booking, you need to request the extension by phone or in person. Upon written confirmation only it is valid
    2. Booking extensions are subject to availability of the cycles. If our cycles are fully booked for the next day, you must return the cycles.       
  • Deposit:
    1. Minimum 50% cash as Deposit
    2. Copy of your passport/NRIC as proof.    
  • Liability :
    1. Any damages incurred to our cycle you will be liable for repair/recovery expenses
    2. If the cycle/parts is lost or stolen, we request you to submit us the proof of police complaint & you are responsible to pay the full amount 
    3. The company will not be responsible for any damages, loss or medical costs or accident, harm or injury which you may sustain during the rental period, either accidentally or otherwise.


For enquiries plesase contact

Email :

Whatsapp/Call : +65 9199 1005.